Band lessons:


Have you always wanted to play in a band? Do you have zero band experience or just haven’t found a band that suited you? The solution is here: Band Lessons! You’ll finally be able to play in a real band and meet fun, motivated bandmates! You don’t need any experience; you’ll learn how to play each instrument step by step (drums, guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and vocals). Several times a year you’ll even get the chance to play a live gig at one of the popular venues in The Hague, such as Paard Café. Together with your bandmates you can choose to play songs from your favourite artists, but you may also learn how to write your own songs. For each song you’ll play a different instrument so that you’ll be able to choose which instrument suits you best by the end of the year.


Do you already have some or considerable experience as a singer or musician? Then Band Lessons are perfect for you! You’ll be playing together with equally experienced people at the same age. Under the skilled supervision of one of our band-coaches the band will be rehearsing (90 min) on a weekly basis. During the season you’ll be working towards several stage performances!

Do you already have a band but you are looking for weekly professional guidance to work on your own songs, a strong live-set or a way to get more shows? Then ‘Band Lessons’ is the course for you and your band mates; our coaches are eager to help you on your way to stardom!


Via the contact form you may sign up for this course at any time during the year; the fee will be reduced based on the number of months left in the course.

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