Bass guitar lessons

Bass guitar lessons:


Bass guitar class:

As bass guitarist you provide the foundation of the band. You create the harmonic basis of the music and, together with the drummer, you determine the groove of the song. This makes you the bridge between these two facets of music. In the lessons you’ll set goals and work towards them, as well as receive practical exercises to expand your theoretical and general knowledge of music.

The majority of the subject matter touched upon in the lessons will be approached in a practical manner, with exercises and theory that can directly be used in songs, or with drumloops and chord progressions.

With Timothy you can work towards playing bass guitar in a band, expanding your creativity, improving your play as part of the rhythm section, or to prepare for an audition at a music conservatory.


Via the contact form you may sign up for this course at any time during the year; the fee will be reduced based on the number of months left in the course.

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Bass guitar teacher: Timothy Dunn


Timothy started out his music lessons with classical piano, but through Koorenhuis he became acquainted with the bass guitar. They got along so well that he decided to study bass guitar at the Amsterdam Conservatory (pop department) from which he graduated in 2011. Since then¬†Timothy has played in various bands, gaining ample stage experience. He’s currently active in The Great Communicators and Skellot.