Piano lessons

Piano lessons:

By following piano lessons at Popschool Den Haag you will acquaint yourself with the piano in its various forms. These being the traditional classical piano, the keyboard and synthesizers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or a more advanced player, with Timothy and Robin you can learn to improve your technique or learn to play your favorite songs. Also you can learn to read sheet music and gain in theoretical knowledge of the instrument and music in general.

The course will be made up of structured lessons, consisting of various musical exercises and learning songs. The student will also on occasion be accompanied by the teacher on a different instrument to give insight into how is to play with other people.

Via the contact form you may sign up for this course at any time during the year; the fee will be reduced based on the number of months left in the course.

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Timothy Dunn

Timothy took classical piano lessons for 9 years before switching to bass guitar and graduating from the Conservatory of Amsterdam 6 years later. Since then he has been playing in a wide range of bands. Aside from solo-project Dunn and Skellot, Timothy is mainly active with indierockband The Great Communicators and EDM-rockband Voodoo Chambers. Aside from piano Timothy also teaches bass guitar and band coaching.