Rates 2018/2019:

Private lessons 30 min: €842,50 excl. tax per year (€22,17 per lesson)

Semi-private lessons: (2 students) 40 min: €652,50 excl. tax per year (€17,17 per lesson)

Group lessons 60 min: (max. 5 students): €609,50 excl. tax per year (€16,03 per lesson)

Band lessons 90 min: (max. 6 students): €609,50 per year (€16,03 per lesson)

10 lesson package: (10 individual lessons of 30 mins, flexible planning) €250,- for non-students, €150,- for students (excluding taxes)

Band coaching: contact us for details and options!


*Prices are based on a minimum of 38 lessons per year, not including the official school holidays.

Starting with lessons during the season is possible, the fee will be changed accordingly.

Note: we are required to charge 21% BTW/VAT for lessons taken by adults above the age of 21.


We offer discounts for the Ooievaarspas!

Ooievaarspas discount 17 years and under: €330,- per year

Ooievaarspas discount 18 years and up: €165,- per year

Please also check the guidelines and rules for the Ooievaarspas, because

they do not grant you the full discount on more than 1 course.


Terms and Conditions

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