Popschool Den Haag

Popschool Den Haag offers singing, instrument, band lessons and bandcoaching for all levels and all ages. In addition, we offer fun and inspiring custom courses such as band coaching, songwriting, studio production and a preparatory course for pop music conservatory auditions.

Popschool Den Haag believes in practical lessons where the focus lies on the wants and needs of the student. In addition to teaching conventional music technique and theory, we’ll devote as much time as possible to songs and music styles that you, the student, are interested in. We also introduce our students to playing in a band at an early stage, offering them several opportunities to play live at venues such as the Paard Café, Schollenpop and the Zeehelden Festival, where musicians of all levels can take to the stage and practise their skills.

Popschool Den Haag’s team is made up of accredited music teachers, all of whom are active in the Dutch pop music scene.

Popschool Den Haag is located at Prinsegracht 27, 2512EW Den Haag.

info@psdh.nl | 06 – 45 76 90 80