Bass guitar

Als basgitarist draag je de groove en de basis van de harmonie. Zodoende is een basgitarist onmisbaar in elke band!

What to expect

fun with your with favourite licks and riffs

As a bass guitarist you are the foundation of a band. Firstly, you and the drummer are the ones who keep the groove going and secondly, you carry the harmonic foundation of the music. So as a bass player you build a bridge between these 2 essential parts in music. During your lessons at Popschool Den Haag you always work together with the teacher towards a goal, but you also get exercises and theory so that you develop your general music knowledge and skills.

In general, most topics are approached from a practical point of view, i.e. exercises and theory are directly applied to music by working with drum loops, chord progressions and existing songs.

At Popschool Den Haag you can take piano lessons to learn to play in a band, to put more creativity into your playing, to learn classical pieces or to learn more about harmony and technique.

About the teacher

Timothy Dunn

Timothy once started on classical piano, but ended up on bass guitar via the Koorenhuis. He liked it so much that he continued developing his skills and graduated from the pop department of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in 2011. Since then, Timothy has played in many different types of bands and has gained a lot of experience in doing so. Besides solo projects Dunn and Skellot, he is now mainly active in the bands The Great Communicators and Voodoo Chambers.