All locations where we teach

Prinsegracht 27
The Hague

We have been teaching at this location for about 10 years now and hopefully we can stay here for a long time to come. The Koorenhuis is a building where all kinds of courses can be followed in all kinds of disciplines. Most of the photos on this website were taken in our classrooms where we have all the necessary equipment to set up a good lesson.

Binckhorstlaan 271
The Hague

The Womb Studio is a studio of a number of musician friends, including Tijmen van Wageningen, our guitar teacher and bandcoach.

A unique and inspiring place to make music, record, or take your mix and recordings to the next level with analog effects and sounds. 

Q.A. Nederpelstraat 49
The Hague

Inner Island Music Studio is the studio of, among others, Ingmar Spaaij, one of our teachers and our coordinator. 

A lot of songwriting and production lessons are given at this location, in addition to being a nice light studio with all kinds of high-quality equipment.