Singing lessons

Whether you like to sing under the shower or want to outshine the brightest stars on stage, you'll learn at Popschool The Hague

What to expect

learning about your vocal sound and how to use it


At Popschool Den Haag you choose your song and you'll work on it together with your teacher. Interpretation, presentation and microphone technique are important parts of the lesson. All ages and levels are welcome to sign up for the pop singing lessons. At Popschool Den Haag you will be personally guided to master all aspects of singing, making music and writing music.

We work according to the CVT system of Catherine Sadolin. In the lessons we work on breathing, breath support, the 4 different voice functions and the use of color and effect.


In the pop singing lessons, different methods are discussed and Dinaira can teach at all levels.


People who have no experience with singing and would like to learn it in a healthy and fun way.


You have already built up quite a bit of knowledge and we will continue mainly with what you want to develop.


For singers with a lot of experience or ambition or if you want to prepare for the conservatory.

About the teacher

Dinaira Scheffers

When Dinaira Scheffers was 12 years old, she ended up in various pop bands where they could play different instruments. As cool as all the instruments were, singing was the best way to express herself. She continued to develop and with much ambition she went to the Conservatory in Rotterdam years later. Since then she has played in various bands, which has given her a lot of experience. She has developed into a singer with a characteristic warm sound, which she uses in her band AAPNOOTMIES.