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Alle informatie over ons docententeam en onze filosofie

Alle informatie over ons docententeam en onze filosofie

Everything about our philosophy and teachers

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About us

Of je nou een beginner bent en je graag verder wil ontwikkelen op je instrument of je bent al wat verder en hebt wat extra vaardigheden nodig om je zelf goed te profileren, wij kunnen je helpen. Met ons docententeam putten wij uit vele jaren ervaring in de hedendaagse muziekindustrie en kunnen daarmee kennis verschaffen van alle facetten die komen kijken bij het musiceren in de 21e eeuw. 

Al onze docenten zijn afgestudeerd aan de vooraanstaande Nederlandse conservatoria in Amsterdam of Rotterdam. Sinds hun afstuderen hebben zij zich stuk voor stuk gericht op hun muzikale ontwikkeling middels veel verschillende projecten in de studio en op de Nederlandse podia. In addition, we have more than 75 years of teaching experience as private and school teachers. As a result, we have a lot of knowledge and experience to share with you.  

Our teaching philosophy is of course primarily focused on the student. We like to help everyone get better at the skills they want to develop and do so in a way that suits the student. If a student can study well and is technically inclined, we will mainly feed that aspect. If someone mainly wants to learn classic rock songs on a guitar, we focus more on that. We also have students who only receive theory lessons and students who, in addition to instrumental lessons, also like to learn something about the music history of their favorite genre. At Popschool The Hague we try to facilitate it all. Ultimately, what matters is that the student can maximize their own skills and enjoyment of music.



Over ons docententeam

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Dinaira Scheffers


When Dinaira Scheffers was 12 years old, she ended up in various pop bands where they could play different instruments. As cool as all the instruments were, singing was the best way to express herself. She continued to develop and with much ambition she went to the Conservatory in Rotterdam years later. Since then she has played in various bands, which has given her a lot of experience. She has developed into a singer with a characteristic warm sound, which she uses in her band AAPNOOTMIES.

Alexander van den Kleyenberg

pedals and effects

Alexander first touched a guitar at the age of twelve during a band lesson in the Koorenhuis and was immediately sold. After playing in various bands, he ended up at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. There he graduated in 2013 from the pop department as a guitarist. Familiar with many genres, but mainly focused on Pop, Rock and Indie music. 
Over the years a great passion has been developed for the use of effects and the search for great sounds. You can see him playing in the bands The Great Communicators and Avi On Fire.
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Ingmar aan het mixen in de studio muziekles

Ingmar Spaaij

recording and producing

Ingmar graduated in 2006 as a guitarist at Codarts School of the Arts. Naast een grote liefde voor de gitaar in al zijn vormen (elektrisch, akoestisch, slide, dobro, pedalsteel… noem maar op) houdt hij zich veel bezig met songwriting en producing. In zijn eigen studio werkte hij reeds met diverse acts als Alexander McKenzie, Jeroen Kant en Delouise. Ingmar was voorheen docent/coach aan oa. Rootz in Delft en Het Koorenhuis in Den Haag. Heden is hij ook werkzaam als hoofdvakdocent aan de Zadkine Popacademie in Rotterdam.

Timothy Dunn

Piano/bass guitar/
pedals and effects

Timothy once started on classical piano, but ended up on bass guitar via the Koorenhuis. He liked it so much that he continued developing his skills and graduated from the pop department of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in 2011. Since then, Timothy has played in many different types of bands and has gained a lot of experience in doing so. Besides solo projects Dunn and Skellot, he is now mainly active in the bands The Great Communicators and Voodoo Chambers.
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drumles over ons

Matthijs de Ridder

drums/how to Ableton/bandcoaching

Matthijs de Ridder studied drums at the Rotterdam Conservatory (pop) and the Royal Conservatory (jazz) in The Hague. He played with various bands and artists on stages at home and abroad and in various radio and TV programs. After his studies, he received a special grant from the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds to follow masterclasses in the US (New Orleans and New York) for 6 months with various top drummers. Matthijs has been working as a teacher since he was 18, gave band coaching workshops at various secondary schools and is used to teaching students of all ages and levels. He recently followed and completed the master's degree in Music & Technology at the Utrecht School of the Arts. He is therefore also the right place for lessons or coaching in the field of music production.

Josha Nuis


Josha graduated in 2008 as a drummer from the pop department of the Amsterdam conservatory. Since then, he has been active as a drum teacher at various music schools in the Randstad, including the Koorenhuis in The Hague, the VAK in Delft and the CKC in Zoetermeer. In addition, he has been making stages and festivals all over the world unsafe for years with various bands. At the moment Josha drums for Bullerslug, Carceri, Eve's Fall and Skellot.
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Tijmen van Wageningen

solfege/recording and producing/songwriting

Tijmen has been active as a guitarist, bassist, singer and songwriter for over 20 years, in various bands and later at the Amsterdam Conservatory, where he graduated from the pop department in 2010. Besides seeing him live on stage with bands such as Torii, Dandana, The Womb and Pop Up Animal Kids, Tijmen can often be found in the studio (Basement StudioThe Womb studio) where he worked with a wide variety of bands (including Di-rect, EUT, Dandana, Torii, The Great Communicators, Wodan Boys, Severin Bells, OHM, The Deaf). In addition to guitar lessons in all styles, Tijmen also gives workshops in songwriting, (pre-) production and studio technique.