Band coaching

Band coaching:

Are you in a band or are you a solo artist who is already active in the music scene and who’d like some tips and coaching to take your act to the next level? Popschool Den Haag is the place for quality, personalized coaching!

Our team of coaches is well-rounded and able to counsel your band regarding sound, songwriting, performance, recording or the business side of being in a band. We’ll examine your situation together and determine the best strategy for you, as well as which coaches are best suited to the job. Consequently we’ll plot a course involving 2, 5 or 10 sessions. Individual band members may also take private lessons within these sessions.

Bands that are involved in Popschool Den Haag’s coaching programme will be given the opportunity to play at various festivals in The Hague such as Schollenpop, Plein Open and band nights in Paardcafé.

For participating bands there is also the possibility of doing pre-production recording in the Basement Studio.

Our coaches:

Tijmen van Wageningen (Pop Up Animal Kids, Basement Studio), Ingmar Spaaij (Alexander McKenzie, producer), Bram Bol (Shifting Daylight, David Benjamin), Josha Nuis (Eve’s Fall, Carceri, Skellot), Timothy Dunn, (The Great Communicators, Skellot),

Bands that have benefitted from our coaching programme in the past:

So What (now: Neighbour Neighbour), Moore, Starcatcher, The Upstairs, B-Sharp, Vuigtuig, Headlife, The Levi’s and many others

From 50,00 per session, please contact us for details and options.